Welcome to JourneyIn' Man!  I'm Matt Inman and this is my platform for sharing my travels around the world.  My reasons for sharing are three-fold:


3. To keep track of my own thoughts and travels (my memory is not the best).

2. To provide information about how I am able to afford travel, including tips on teaching English abroad.

1. And, most importantly, to inspire YOU to travel and see the world, no matter your obstacles in doing so!

So take a look around and see what you think.  You can learn more about me and my drive for travel by reading the "About" page.  And let me know how I'm doing with my goals listed above by contacting me!

Get started by checking out the posts below!

And always, Journey On!



Read about my thoughts on my travels and travel in general.  If you're on the fence about traveling or teaching English abroad, I hope you will find a bit of inspiration here.

TEFL (Teach English as a Foriegn Language)

TEFL is currently the primary way that I am able to afford a life of travel.  In addition, it allows me to more fully immerse myself in a culture.  At least, much more than a one week vacation would allow.  Many people don't realize how easy of a process it is to become an ESL teacher, nor of the great benefits that come with the profession!  Look here if you need help getting your applications started!

Journey to:

Check out the Journey to: series for destination specific guides on where to go, what to see, or to read about my personal experiences in those places.  Currently, I have the most content on Korea seeing as I lived there for a year.  But be sure to check my posts on Taiwan, Europe, Japan, and Thailand using the category links!

How I Travel

I pride myself on the fact that I use a large percentage of whatever money I have at any given time on experiences (and those annoying student loans!) rather than possessions.  Read here to see how I save and get the most out of life by not letting money take a hold over me.